Divorce and co-parenting mediation

The Phoenix rising from the ashes of Divorce

The divorce process is exhausting and a hostile adversarial divorce is even more tiring and resource depleting. The process of divorce itself creates additional conflict between the parties involved. Negative emotions are now amplified because of the increasing financial burdens of a divided house. These problems always escalate into so much more conflict. Each party, even the one that prevails in litigation, is always left financially and emotionally devastated.

Mediation peacefully facilitates a positive end to an unhappy marriage and it creates the space for the beginning of a peaceful uncoupling which will lead to a happier existence for both parties. Therefore, divorce actually is a time for hope, for in a sense it is a rebirth! Like all problems in life, divorce potentially opens a window for growth for it is from the ashes that the Phoenix rises. 

Mediation conserves energy because it is time and cost efficient and the participants leave the mediation with a feeling of empowerment because they themselves have created their own divorce agreement. The process of Mediation not only assists the parties by providing a smooth path toward the end of the marriage; it also helps the parties to self-generate new solutions to new beginnings. Mediation unlike Divorce enables the parties to create a friendly climate upon which they may embark on a new beginning.

This is especially true for the Custody and Parenting elements of Divorce because divorced parents will forever be connected to each other through their children. Divorce by mediation does not destroy parental relationships, couples are able to successfully co-parent because they have avoided an antagonistic divorce proceeding. In general, litigants love their children; however, the judge simply does not! Mediation permits the parties to tailor their own Custody and Parenting plan together without the interference of a third party like a judge. This self-fashioned agreement will answer the particular needs of their children. Obviously the parents rather than the judge know what is best for their children and mediation facilitates a positive conclusion.

This positive aspect of divorce is established by mediation for each party is equipped with the financial and emotional resources which they have preserved in mediation. Post divorce future success depends on the steps one takes to build and protect one's net worth, restore relationships and self-worth. Mediation provides the methods for one to positively embrace one’s new normal and to establish a plan to move forward.

Thanks to the metamorphic effect of mediation, the parties are now able to build a solid footing upon which to launch their new lives.