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Why is Mediation the smart path to resolution?

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Disputes make people uncomfortable making it hard to listen and understand what is important to someone else and why. Conflict generates a tangled web of competing issues, and the inability to communicate diverse needs escalates the issues into a crisis, which is often played out expensively in a court of law.


Mediation Process

Mediation is a method of conflict resolution that is faster and less expensive than litigation. The confidential process allows the parties in a dispute to share their perspectives, explain what is important to them and why it is important. Mediation permits the parties to explore various options toward resolving a dispute. A trained mediator accomplishes this by assisting the parties to move forward with their decision making process. A mediator facilitates the parties to:

· Identify key issues to be resolved

· Build  common ground and creating a mutually agreeable solution

· Create flexible options to solve the issues

· Decide on the best mutual solutions, and

· Self determine the outcome


Mediation Agreement

Mediation does not involve a decision imposed by a judge or an arbitrator. Rather, the parties to a dispute, guided by the mediator, craft their own solutions which effectively meet their needs and interests. Successful mediation can lay the groundwork for future collaborative, non-confrontational problem solving. Thus, preserving the relationships that are important to the parties. And allowing them to relate and communicate in a peaceful manner, benefiting all future endeavours. 


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